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Supreme Court hears arguments on unusual child custody case

Although the road to family court is often fraught with emotional issues and complex arrangements, the goals are simple once people are there. Separation arrangements and divorce proceedings are the place for adults to work out their differences, but family court is all about the best interests of the child.

Michigan may bring parents to task over the custody arrangement of their children even if they are not separating or divorcing. The state's Department of Health and Human Services petitioned for the removal of two boys from their parents' custody for fear of neglect. This came after the couple's newborn daughter died three days after her birth.

Grand Rapids woman injured in car-moped accident

From the initial thump of a collision to the insurance bill the next month, car accidents are a serious headache that can do a lot more than just inconvenience a few drivers. People can suffer severe injury or even die in some accidents, and the risk is higher for unprotected drivers like motorcyclists and moped riders.

Winter in Michigan and much of the Midwest brings a lot of snow and ice to the roads. Now that the sun is out longer, and the roads are more welcoming, drivers can expect to see more motorcycles in the lanes with them as well as bicycles on the shoulders. Both sets of drivers must do their part to keep everyone safe.

What is equitable distribution in a Michigan divorce?

If married people in Michigan are looking to divorce, they are probably in some agreement on why but may not be so much in sync on how. For many divorcing couples, their life savings and any other assets they have are wrapped up in their legal status, so divorce becomes more than emotional independence.

What are spouses' options for dividing property in a divorce?

Changes in Michigan drug laws bring old convictions into doubt

It is impossible to deny that the tide of national sentiment towards marijuana is changing. Several states have loosened restrictions on the psychoactive plant for medicinal and recreational use. Michigan is one of the states that is reassessing its legal approach to the drug, looking forward as well as looking back.

Changes in laws to allow medical or free-use marijuana will change how law enforcement agencies pursue and prosecute users and sellers of the drug. But another concern is the people who were already charged and convicted with marijuana-related crimes that are now changing in the books or being stricken altogether.

Michigan child abducted by biological father

Parenting and child care are never as simple as it seems until you have taken on the challenge. Everyone hopes more than anything that he or she makes the right choice of partner with which to have a child, but the priority is the safety of a child once there is one.

Some divorced parents or parents who never married find themselves wrapped up in disputes over who gets to make decisions for and connections to the child. Since the welfare of a child is always the most important thing to a family court, a history of criminal activity or other problems that may constitute a danger to children may be considered in determining who gets child custody.

Truck crash claims the life of a Detroit driver on I-94

Car accidents are rare throughout most of the year in Michigan, but winter weather often increases the risk of a collision. Several ice-, snow- or animal-related accidents are easily handled with an insurance claim and a possible report to law enforcement, but any collision of two vehicles requires a greater response and often medical attention.

A 55-year-old driver from Detroit was killed in an accident on the westbound side of I-94 in Macomb County. The incident, which involved at least four vehicles in all, also resulted in at least three minor injuries. Michigan State Police reported that a tractor-trailer was unable to respond to slowing traffic before striking the car driven by the woman who died at the scene.

Michigan's divorce capital identified in recent study

A study of divorced residents in each major U.S. city based on census data yielded specific results by specific areas. The study identified Ishpeming, a city in Marquette County near the shores of Lake Huron, as the "divorce capital" of Michigan. More than 20 percent of the marriage-age adults in the municipality were divorced at the time of the study.

The Wolverine State's top divorce rate is near the middle of rates in other state's divorce capitals. The study identifies as "divorced" only people who were at one time married and are currently not, so people on a second or third marriage may not be counted.

March Madness, spring break and the Super Drunk Law

Spring is a season most college students—and alums—look forward to. For students, there is spring break. For every basketball fan of every age, there is March Madness.

Exciting spring events often include drinking, but drinking and driving do not mix. You could easily run afoul of Michigan’s Super Drunk Law.

Michigan institution implements new criminal charge policy

Criminal charges are designed to rectify a social wrong; if a person commits a crime that damages society, fines or time in prison or jail eliminate the debt that person holds to citizens. But there are consequences for convicted people beyond the time spent fulfilling this debt. Many people never recover from the social and economic damage that a conviction confers.

In some cases, charges alone can amount to problems for a person's family and career. A large university in Michigan has instituted a new policy requiring faculty and staff to disclose a felony charge or conviction within a week of receiving notice or being arrested. Some critics, including several at the university, have objected to possible "devastating consequences for marginalized groups."

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