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Roadside saliva tests for drugs finally begins to be a reality

Up until now, a driver who was high on cocaine, meth or some form of opiate was more likely to slip past an officer after being pulled over for a traffic violation than one that was drunk -- but that may finally be changing thanks to the invention of a roadside test that uses saliva to test for a number of illicit drugs.

Michigan drivers -- beware! You're the guinea pigs being used for this particular test, known as an Alere DDS2 -- and not everyone is a fan of them. Some defense attorneys are, in fact, vocal critics of the tests, saying that police want the drug equivalent of a breathalyzer that's quick and accurate, and both aren't possible with current technology.

Premarital contracts are popular among millenials

Weddings in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, are popular events, as friends and family members gather to watch happy couples pledge eternal devotion to each other, giving oaths to live together as husband and wife til death do they part. Often, however, those impressive vows are superseded by other considerations, and the marriage only lasts until divorce do they part. Due to that undeniable fact, many wise millennials are protecting their futures by getting a premarital contract before they start planning a wedding.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, citing a recent survey, says that half of the attorneys who were respondents in the survey reported an increase in the total number of millennials who requested a premarital contract prior to getting married. Many millennials, whose own parents divorced, see it as a very practical thing to do in order to establish clear legal guarantees for both of the people getting married.

Basics of property division in Michigan divorce

In some instances, marriages do not last, and couples are better off separate from each other. A major part of the divorce process is the separation of assets.

When someone is going through a divorce or considering one, it is important to understand the various aspects of the process. There are a few basics to know about property division in a Michigan divorce.

What should divorced parents do about holidays?

In the pleasant community of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, parents often raise their children together in peaceful harmony. However, there are times when parents part ways, whether with a divorce ending a marriage or in a situation where they never got married in the first place. In those instances of parents parting and no longer living together, child custody has to be apportioned between them. That includes deciding which parent the children will be with on specific holidays.

How can that be done?

Citizens can get cash for calling hotline about drug dealers

From time to time, drug crimes are committed in the St. Clair Shores, Michigan, area. Sometimes authorities institute programs to enlist the general public's help in finding the people responsible, so they can endeavor to launch criminal cases. One such program actually pays citizens to report drug dealers, and it appears to be working.

The program, People Against Illegal Drugs (PAID), was started in early October. Despite only having been only operational for a short time, people are using it, and their tips are proving to be fruitful. One tip, just recently, led to the first drug bust for which the program gets credit.

Tips for a gray divorce

Divorcing later in life may seem very scary. However, you may know at least one or two people that have divorced in their 50s, 60s or even 70s that are not only doing well, but are thriving. However, coming through a divorce at any age takes preparation. When you are divorcing later in life, child custody may not be an issue, but dividing up property can make a significant difference for your divorce settlement.

Your financial situation is most likely the issue that is weighing on you the most. Will you be able to maintain your current lifestyle, or close to it, without going back to work? Will there be enough left once you and your husband divide all the assets and debt for you to still live comfortably? The following tips can help you plan for your divorce.

Can child custody arrangements be revisited?

When St. Clair Shores, Michigan, couples divorce, there are many issues to be resolved. The resolution of those issues may be contentious, as the interpersonal problems between the couple render them uninterested in seeing each other do well after the marriage ends.

Some may presume that the most contentious issue is money, but the most deeply personal issue that gets addressed in divorce is child custody.

What kinds of crimes are there?

While St. Clair Shores, Michigan, is full of law-abiding citizens, some people in the area do run afoul of the law. Those individuals find themselves in need of a criminal defense attorney, who will help them to put together a strong case.

One of the key parts of any case is understanding whether the charges against the defendant are infractions, felony charges or misdemeanor charges, and what distinguishes each from the other.

3 financial steps to take after divorce

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel: your divorce is almost final. With everything smoothly heading toward the legal end to your marriage, you may be ready to sit back and relax. Avoid giving in to that temptation. Your journey is not over yet.

Just because your divorce is through does not mean your work is. You still have three important things to do to secure your future

Disreputable pharmacist caught with stolen drugs

Throughout St. Clair Shores, Michigan, there are many reputable pharmacists who do excellent work, handling medications responsibly and providing their customers with what they need in a legal manner. There are other pharmacists, however, who take a darker path, and use the access that they have to illegally secure narcotics. Some may do that with the intention of personally using the narcotics, and others may do it with the intention of selling the narcotics, but all are committing a crime that will result in them needing to secure the services of a criminal defense attorney.

Recently, a pharmacist who was employed on good faith an area hospital was charged after it was alleged that he illegally possessed and used narcotics. According to police, he obtained them from the hospital. The stash of drugs was found when police executed a search warrant at his home, which they did as part of an investigation related to a child custody dispute.

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