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Online divorce filing gains traction in Michigan

The institution of marriage has changed a little over the centuries, but not as much as the implications and methods of divorce. As the rate of marriages ending before death rose above half in the United States, more types of people could file for divorce and expect to rebuild their lives afterward. In some jurisdictions, it is getting even easier.

The process of divorce often began with a trip to the courthouse in the proper jurisdiction and a few hours' wait doing paperwork and getting signatures from county clerks. Several counties in Michigan, however, participate in a program known as MiFile, which allows any litigant to file cases at any time. As of December 2018, all divorce filings in Ottawa County and other areas of the Wolverine State must be online.

When is a death not considered wrongful in Michigan?

It is hard to imagine being in a situation in which you have to hurt or kill someone to survive. It is often unbelievable even when it has happened. If a person must use deadly force for their own sakes or the sakes of others nearby, that person should not have to suffer under the weight of the law.

What is the law that separates acceptable violence and criminal violence?

An even split of child custody may be a bad idea for children

If you get married thinking about what might happen if you get divorced, most people would argue you're doing it wrong. But if you are planning on having children, there are few precautions too extreme for the health and happiness of young lives in your charge.

Thousands of Michigan families have availed themselves of the family court system to work out disagreements on how to raise children of divorce. The assignments of child custody, responsibilities and decision-making abilities are complicated issues that often take a lot of negotiation or consideration to get right. A judge could be forgiven for attempting to simplify the process.

Teacher killed in Michigan interstate accident

Michigan is home to some of the United States' best road trips. Positioned at the crossroads of the American Midwest and eastern Canada, many interstate highways and smaller roads cross the two parts of the Wolverine State. Unfortunately, some drives can have serious consequences for many more than the occupants of one vehicle.

A chain reaction accident on the eastbound section of Interstate 94 in Chesterfield Township near the banks of Lake St. Clair involved several vehicles and claimed the life of one driver. A 38-year-old truck driver struck a line of cars waiting to get on an exit ramp, causing many of them to strike each other.

How to split an individual retirement account during divorce

It's hard to get divorced even before splitting homes, cash, child custody and other assets and responsibilities. But some shared things can be more complicated to split. One of the most complicated assets to manage or split is an individual retirement account (IRA), due to the tax implications involved.

How can I make a tax-free IRA transfer during a divorce?

Michigan crime tip unit celebrates its crime-solving contribution

From the streets of Detroit to the highways of the Upper Peninsula, suspected criminal activity happens every day in Michigan. Citizens work with police and federal agents to keep their parts of the state safe, but a desire for higher security can lead too far if a person is accused or, worse, convicted of a crime.

A nationwide network that supports anonymous tipsters that has been operating for four decades just celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in Michigan. The Wolverine State's chapter began operations connecting tips with law enforcement and monetary rewards in 1993, helping to solve more than 7,500 crimes up to 2018.

3 custody tips for the holiday season

The holidays can be a frustrating time of year for newly divorced parents. If you are experiencing a lot of stress right now, it is likely partially due to custody arrangements. Determining who gets the kids during Thanksgiving or Christmas can be a tiring and contentious ordeal. 

If you have some sort of joint custody or visitation schedule, you may need to work extra hard during the holidays to ensure your children are happy. Here are some tips for handling holiday custody issues.

Marshals turn up 123 missing children in the Detroit area

One of the stickiest parts of divorce is the fate of a marriage's children. Even if divorce is amicable and not as emotionally charged as it could be, parents are often possessive about their children and loathe to share custody and decision-making abilities with former partners and family members.

Some disputes over child custody can lead to legal incursions beyond a day or two in family court. It is rare that parents take matters into their own hands, but some alleged disappearances are connected to disputes between divorced parents.

Mother charged after injuring two children in car crash

Accidents are an unfortunate part of daily life. The Wolverine State is one of the top ten for accidents that cause damage or injury. Risks vary from the congested interstates near Detroit to the straightaways that encourage speeding on the Upper Peninsula.

In a motor vehicle collision, a person is often dealing with a stranger, and a simple exchange of insurance information can rectify a dispute. Sometimes, problems on the road are an extension of issues at home or in the community. In the case below, the law stepping in may help keep her children safe.

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