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How to split an individual retirement account during divorce

It's hard to get divorced even before splitting homes, cash, child custody and other assets and responsibilities. But some shared things can be more complicated to split. One of the most complicated assets to manage or split is an individual retirement account (IRA), due to the tax implications involved.

How can I make a tax-free IRA transfer during a divorce?

Michigan crime tip unit celebrates its crime-solving contribution

From the streets of Detroit to the highways of the Upper Peninsula, suspected criminal activity happens every day in Michigan. Citizens work with police and federal agents to keep their parts of the state safe, but a desire for higher security can lead too far if a person is accused or, worse, convicted of a crime.

A nationwide network that supports anonymous tipsters that has been operating for four decades just celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in Michigan. The Wolverine State's chapter began operations connecting tips with law enforcement and monetary rewards in 1993, helping to solve more than 7,500 crimes up to 2018.

3 custody tips for the holiday season

The holidays can be a frustrating time of year for newly divorced parents. If you are experiencing a lot of stress right now, it is likely partially due to custody arrangements. Determining who gets the kids during Thanksgiving or Christmas can be a tiring and contentious ordeal. 

If you have some sort of joint custody or visitation schedule, you may need to work extra hard during the holidays to ensure your children are happy. Here are some tips for handling holiday custody issues.

Marshals turn up 123 missing children in the Detroit area

One of the stickiest parts of divorce is the fate of a marriage's children. Even if divorce is amicable and not as emotionally charged as it could be, parents are often possessive about their children and loathe to share custody and decision-making abilities with former partners and family members.

Some disputes over child custody can lead to legal incursions beyond a day or two in family court. It is rare that parents take matters into their own hands, but some alleged disappearances are connected to disputes between divorced parents.

Mother charged after injuring two children in car crash

Accidents are an unfortunate part of daily life. The Wolverine State is one of the top ten for accidents that cause damage or injury. Risks vary from the congested interstates near Detroit to the straightaways that encourage speeding on the Upper Peninsula.

In a motor vehicle collision, a person is often dealing with a stranger, and a simple exchange of insurance information can rectify a dispute. Sometimes, problems on the road are an extension of issues at home or in the community. In the case below, the law stepping in may help keep her children safe.

Michigan mother allegedly arrested on ex-husband's report

Few parents find it easy to discipline their children. But problems of moody teenagers and setting reasonable curfews can be compounded when parents are not on the same side.

Thousands of children in Michigan split their time between divorced parents, and several former couples still retain resentment between each other after a difficult or lengthy divorce process. Most children go through a phase of setting parents against each other to make their lives easier, but this puerile attitude can become real when parents are all too ready to seize on each other's possible vulnerabilities.

Can Michigan police keep asking questions if a suspect is silent?

Lawyers know about Miranda rights after a Supreme Court case required law enforcement to inform arrested suspects of rights to silence and legal representation. One of the complications of this law occurred in the Wolverine State, leading to the historic case of Michigan v. Moseley.

What are the details of the case?

Michigan cracks down on failure to pay child support

Michigan's top law enforcement agency recently sharpened their efforts to keep parents accountable for taking care of their children. Failure to pay court-ordered child support or alimony can land a person in jail, which happened to more than 60 people across the Wolverine State over a single day in September 2018.

The sweep was limited to parents who had been ordered to pay and had the financial means to do so, yet refused to comply with the court. These are often referred to as "deadbeat moms" or "deadbeat dads." Disagreements in the divorce process or between divorced parents may lead to these failures, but children become the victims.

Factors that can impact Breathalyzer accuracy

As someone currently facing a Michigan driving under the influence or operating while intoxicated charge, you may understand all too well just how much rides on the results of the breath test you took at the time of your arrest. Carried out with devices called Breathalyzers, breath tests give police an estimate of your degree of impairment while operating a motor vehicle, but they are not foolproof, meaning that in some cases, they can be prone to error.

So just what impacts Breathalyzer accuracy?

Custody arrangements may include furry friends in Michigan soon

It's often hard to know where to start when someone is separating from their spouse. Any children of a marriage are the natural first priority, as their futures are precious and they have no fault in a divorce. Property and assets are often the next issues and then there is the natural emotional effect of the end of a relationship.

Fights about the family dog are nothing new, but they are rapidly becoming an integral part of a modern divorce. Pet custody and responsibility are a growing specialty in divorce law, with the statutes in Michigan and other states evolving to accommodate more disputes about scruffy and scaly friends.

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