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Winter conditions often bring car crash season to Michigan

Michigan is no stranger to harsh winter weather. Any state that often mandates doors built into the roofs of rural houses is ready for some wet snow to stack up. But the confidence of drivers in the Wolverine State can sometimes be a little too high, as there are often a lot of drivers on the roads even in terrible conditions.

Snow, sleet, freezing rain and black ice are some of the common weather hazards visited upon Michigan streets, roads and highways in the winter months. These can lead to loss of vehicle control in a spinout or fishtail, which often leads to collisions when vehicles are in close proximity on multi-lane roads.

Experts disagree on the value of prenuptial agreements

No one starts the process of getting married with much of a thought to the process of getting divorced. But divorce is always likely enough to consider because the consequences of ignoring it are grave. Some lawyers recommend a prenuptial agreement to help guide expectations in that case, although some also have reservations about recommending it.

It is no secret that discussing prenuptial agreements can cause some tension during the already stressful phase between a proposal and a wedding. Spouses may feel offended by the implication they are not trusted. However, marriage is a contract between two people, and no one signs a contract without understanding what it means and how it may be violated.

Avoid mistakes that could seriously complicate your divorce

Divorce can be complicated, or it can run smoothly, and your actions have a lot to do with the process. If you and your spouse have substantial assets, you may worry about losing those that mean the most to you, both emotionally and financially. 

If you think of divorce as if you were dissolving a business, you will approach it in a better frame of mind. To help you along, here are four mistakes to avoid.

Michigan woman acquitted on firearm charge

If someone feels the need to use force to end a bad situation, that person may find herself facing criminal charges regarding the type of force she used. Some prosecutors or judges may have charges dropped if it is clear a person acted in self-defense, but anyone accused of a crime should consider legal representation.

A former police officer who worked in Van Buren County was recently acquitted on charges of reckless use of a firearm. The incident in question occurred when the officer opened fire on a stolen car, striking the vehicle five times as it peeled away.

How do Michigan courts decide child custody?

No one involved in the child custody process takes the responsibility lightly. Parents who may gain custody of a child after a divorce or court proceeding are assumed to be loving, dedicated people, and judges realize they have a young life in their hands. This is why Michigan has rules on how child custody is decided.

What kind of child custody may a court order?

Detroit collision happens after driver is distracted by accident

Some scientists say multitasking is a myth, and you can only do one thing at a time. Whether or not this is true, Michigan law makes it more than a good idea to only do one thing at a time when you are behind the wheel. Some people like to eat or text while they are driving, but this can be more than inconvenient.

Bad weather or wildlife on the road causes many of Michigan's car accidents, but distracted driving is often a factor in car crashes that injure or kill drivers and passengers on the road. This is especially true in environments with many high-speed drivers moving in different directions.

How do I keep calm during a divorce process?

Maybe something big happened at once, or maybe it feels like it's been happening for years. Either way, it's hard to see the future when you're going through a separation. The lawyers may already be hashing out who gets the house and where the kids will live, but even if a lot of the work falls on you, you owe it to yourself to stay calm and keep control of your life.

When is the best time to talk to a lawyer?

Your business may be the biggest asset in your divorce

When it comes to the property division phase of your divorce, the business you and your spouse own will likely be the biggest asset. You have options in terms of deciding the future of the company, but first, you have to find out what the business is worth.

First things first

What does legalized marijuana do to DUI laws in Michigan?

It's easy to find out what the legal limit for alcohol is before you drive. Most states have set measures for driving under the influence of alcohol; it's .08 in Michigan. The influence of drugs on driving, however, can often be more confusing for drivers and law enforcement officers alike.

What narcotics are allowed in a person's system if he or she is driving?

Patterns of endangerment may affect child custody

The rights and responsibilities of parenthood are some of the most intense and important experiences in adult life. It is not surprising that they are also the most contentious parts of divorce, separation or altercations between spouses. Unfortunately, this also means that children end up paying for the fights that happen between parents.

A recent proposal in Michigan has been alternately praised and derided as a solution to child custody disputes. Since child custody can be argued passionately by potential guardians, the new law creates an even split of rights and responsibilities for parents. This removes many subtleties from the custody ruling process, but one factor would remain unchanged in the eyes of the law.

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