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Know your rights if you are arrested for DUI

Every year during Super Bowl weekend, efforts to curb drunk driving are ramped up. People are often celebrating, watching the game in bars or going to Super Bowl parties, all of which can provide the opportunity to have a few drinks. And because most people need to work the next morning, they may feel more inclined to drive home instead of calling a cab.

With all this in mind, you could start seeing a lot more police cars on Michigan roads this weekend. In fact, you might see one in your rear view mirror if you get pulled over. If you find yourself in this situation, you should know that you have rights, even if you are ultimately charged with a DUI.

To begin with, you should know that you are protected from arbitrary traffic stops and unreasonable searches. This means that police must have a reason to pull you over, and probable cause to arrest you. This FindLaw article provides more information about probable cause and reasonable suspicion in the context of DUIs.

You should also know that the tests conducted during a traffic stop are not perfect. Whether police say you failed the field sobriety test or the breath test showed you were over the limit, there may be reason to challenge the results and/or administration of the tests.

Finally, consider the fact that with ramped up enforcement efforts comes ramped up expectations. This means that police may be expected to pull more people over, increasing the chances that you could fall into their crosshairs for something that would have otherwise been overlooked.

Drivers should not get behind the wheel if they are drunk. There are many alternatives to driving drunk, especially when people plan ahead. However, if you do make the mistake of driving while intoxicated, you still have the right to defend yourself. If you are arrested for DUI, contacting an attorney as soon as possible can be a good step toward protecting your license, your money and your future.

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