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What is a good faith reason to move with a child?

Relocating with a child, after divorce, can be difficult. If you and your ex both have custody rights, moving can sometimes violate those rights. If your ex wants to stay in Michigan, for example, but you're hoping to move to Texas, it's fairly clear that moving with the child will mean your ex won't see him or her as often -- if at all.

Therefore, to get permission to relocate, you are sometimes asked for a "good faith" reason. This can be asked for more than just your ex's benefit. The court may also consider your child's social stability, school situation and emotional state, among other things.

Essentially, the court will want to see that a move makes sense and is being done for a good reason, rather than just being done arbitrarily or to spite your ex. Some good faith reasons can include:

-- Having been offered a new job. Just saying you want to look for a new job is typically not enough.

-- A desire to get closer to the rest of your family. Maybe you are originally from another state, and you would like to live by your parents so that they can help you raise the child and get to know him or her.

-- Looking for a better living situation. The cost of living may be lower where you want to move, allowing you to give the child a better life.

-- Going back to school. Perhaps you never finished college and you just got into an out-of-state school where you can get a degree.

These are just a few examples, but they help you see what type of reason the court is looking for. Make sure you know all of the legal steps you have to take, and don't assume you can just move without talking to your ex or the court.

Source: FindLaw, "Child Custody Relocation Laws," accessed April 20, 2017

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