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Electronic communication can play a role in your divorce

Electronic communication is everywhere. You probably text as much as you call, if not more. You likely use social media to keep in touch with people you never see in real life. You probably send email messages vastly more than snail mail.

If you’re getting divorced, all of these things can play a role.

For one thing, a subpoena can be issued for email messages, text messages, and the like. Records can then be brought into court.

Perhaps your spouse got a bonus at work, for example. He or she never told you about it, trying to hide that money and keep from splitting the bonus during the divorce. You’re suspicious that all assets aren’t being reported. If your spouse texted a friend or emailed a co-worker about the bonus, that could be used to discover assets and prove that your spouse is lying.

Social media posts may also shed light on assets. For instance, perhaps your spouse does not want to pay child support. He or she simply claims there’s no extra money available to pay as much as the court initially ordered. However, if your spouse is also posting pictures of new cars, vacations, and other expensive items, that could help show that there’s actually plenty of money to go around.

These are just two examples, but they help illustrate some of the ways that divorce cases are changing due to technology. If you have any questions or want to learn more about your rights as divorce draws near, our website has a lot of helpful information.

Ihrie O'Brien - St. Clair Shores Trial Attorneys

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