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July 2017 Archives

How child custody is decided

Many St. Clair Shores, Michigan, children live with both of their biological parents. However, sometimes biological parents separate, and in those cases, they will need to resolve child custody issues. They may be able to do so privately, putting together a parenting plan. If they cannot successfully put together a parenting plan privately, they may need to contest the custody of their children in court.

Parents who owe child support should pay

The ideal for St. Clair Shores, Michigan, families is for their children to be raised by both of their parents in a happy, healthy home. Some children are fortunate enough to have that, but others experience situations in which their parents divorce. In those cases, both child custody and child support need to be addressed. Although many noncustodial parents pay the child support they are ordered to on a regular and timely basis, some do not.

What constitutes a restraining order violation?

A restraining order or protective order is established by a court in order to prevent violence or other harm occurring against one or both parties. The terms contained within the order will depend on the specifics of the situation and the request of the protected party. If you happen to violate the order, you can expect to face considerable legal trouble and the potential of jail time.

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