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Be aware of how potential employers view criminal records

Most St. Clair Shores, Michigan, job seekers are law-abiding citizens. Some, however, may have criminal records that have required them to secure criminal defense attorneys. Those individuals may find key parts of life, like job hunting, difficult because of their criminal pasts.

These days, most employers do background checks on potential employees before hiring them. This is easy for them to do, particularly within their state, using the potential employees name, birth date and social security number. Some employers may conduct background checks that necessitate potential employees getting their fingerprints taken as well.

The purpose, for employers, is to ensure that they're not going to hire employees who will present a danger or commit a crime at their expense. Employers also want to avoid the liability that can come with hiring someone who later commits a crime at the workplace.

Different states have different laws regarding the background checks that employers can do. Some may say that employers can only check records dating back 5 years, or can only consider felonies and not misdemeanors. Employers may also be told that they can only consider convictions, and not arrests.

Juvenile records are also often sealed. For most people, the crimes that are most likely to affect whether or not they get hired for a job are those for which they were convicted as an adult. Even then, employers are supposed to focus on crimes that are relevant to the job that they are considering hiring you for. If they are considering you for a money-handling job and you were previously convicted of theft of cash from an employer, you might as well start looking for a different kind of job.

If you are concerned, you might hire an investigator to look into your background so that you'll know what potential employers will be aware of. That way, you can prepare any explanation that may be necessary.

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