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Learning about whiplash is critical for accident victims

As residents of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, know,. local roads can get very busy. Correspondingly, there are car accidents from time to time, and those involved can suffer an array of injuries. Common among those injuries is whiplash.

Whiplash, a strain or sprain of the neck, is an injury to the neck's soft tissues. Anyone who is in a car accident should know a few things about it. That way, they can seek out all necessary medical attention and bring their condition to the attention of their attorney if they decide to pursue legal action.

One thing to know is how whiplash happens, which is typically when the victim is in a vehicle that is rear-ended by another vehicle. When that happens, the structures within the neck are subjected to sharp, sudden movement forward (flexion), and backward (extension). That movement alters the natural curve of the neck and upper back, and can result in joint damage and overstretching of ligaments. The neck's inherent flexibility and the ability to move in many direction, makes it particularly vulnerable to whiplash.

Whiplash sufferers have multiple symptoms, foremost among which is pain in the neck or upper back. For some victims of whiplash, that pain can be extremely intense in the immediate wake of the accident. For others, the pain can start being mild but then worsen across subsequent days, weeks, months and years.

For that reason, it is critical to expediently secure medical care if you even suspect that you may have whiplash after having been in an accident. The diagnostic process may include X-rays to check for bone fractures. It may also include a CT scans or MRI to check for serious ligament injuries or herniated discs. While seeking medical attention for whiplash should be your first priority, you will also want to put together a legal case with your attorney to help to compensate you for your expenses, pain and suffering.

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