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Navigating social media amid divorce

If checking your social media accounts has become as much a part of your daily routine as, say, having that morning cup of coffee, you are in good company. Nowadays, staying current on social media is a must for many people. However, if you are using it and also going through a divorce, it is important to recognize the ways your social media usage may impact your case.

Arguably the best way to ensure you do not run into social media-related trouble during divorce is to simply avoid using it entirely. If you do not think this is a realistic option for you, know that:

It may affect your financial case

When you are trying to secure alimony or child support from your spouse, expect that his or her attorneys will likely comb through your accounts to get a sense of where you stand, financially. If, for example, you are posting pictures of expensive purchases or exotic vacations, you can expect to have to explain it in court.

You should avoid any type of dating profile site

Depending on your situation with the person you are divorcing, you may want to “get back out there” and start dating before the process is complete. What you do on your own time is your business, but if you create a profile for use on a dating site, know that this could hinder your case. This is particularly true if there are already allegations of infidelity surrounding your divorce, so simplify matters and avoid maintaining dating profiles.

It can impact your odds of securing custody

Those pictures of that wild weekend just may come back to haunt you. Be wary of posting any pictures of you drinking or engaging in any other type of behavior that may paint you in a bad light as a parent, and do not assume that you are safe just because you turned your profile to “private.”

Again, your best chance at avoiding social media-related problems during divorce is to simply abstain from using it. The stakes are high, and you can always resume regular usage once your divorce becomes final. 

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