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November 2017 Archives

Roadside saliva tests for drugs finally begins to be a reality

Up until now, a driver who was high on cocaine, meth or some form of opiate was more likely to slip past an officer after being pulled over for a traffic violation than one that was drunk -- but that may finally be changing thanks to the invention of a roadside test that uses saliva to test for a number of illicit drugs.

Premarital contracts are popular among millenials

Weddings in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, are popular events, as friends and family members gather to watch happy couples pledge eternal devotion to each other, giving oaths to live together as husband and wife til death do they part. Often, however, those impressive vows are superseded by other considerations, and the marriage only lasts until divorce do they part. Due to that undeniable fact, many wise millennials are protecting their futures by getting a premarital contract before they start planning a wedding.

What should divorced parents do about holidays?

In the pleasant community of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, parents often raise their children together in peaceful harmony. However, there are times when parents part ways, whether with a divorce ending a marriage or in a situation where they never got married in the first place. In those instances of parents parting and no longer living together, child custody has to be apportioned between them. That includes deciding which parent the children will be with on specific holidays.

Citizens can get cash for calling hotline about drug dealers

From time to time, drug crimes are committed in the St. Clair Shores, Michigan, area. Sometimes authorities institute programs to enlist the general public's help in finding the people responsible, so they can endeavor to launch criminal cases. One such program actually pays citizens to report drug dealers, and it appears to be working.

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