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Addressing money paves the way for romance

Some St. Clair Shores, Michigan, couples get married and then live happily ever after. Lots of couples get married and then get a divorce. This statistical fact prompts many wise men and women to secure a premarital contract before getting married as a necessary way of preventing being financially eviscerated by divorce. A premarital contract can be very helpful for the health of a marriage by ensuring that the partner who brings less material wealth into the marriage does not have an incentive to divorce the partner who brings more material wealth into the marriage.

Additionally, premarital contracts are central to sound financial planning within the marriage, as well as for after the marriage should one partner decide to divorce the other. Premarital contracts, after all, delineate the exact material wealth that each partner brings into the marriage at its start and expects to bring in while it lasts. That information allows for factual understandings of what the future looks like for each partner while together and if they part.

These are things that might not seem as romantic as gifts of flowers and Hallmark Channel movies, but the reality is that either (1) finances are addressed comprehensively early on, or (2) they will become a source of discord later. Considering that money is the number one thing couples argue about it's easy to see how helpful it can be to come to agreement about finances ahead of time via a premarital contract.

A premarital contract can address things like access to funds within the marriage, which can be very helpful to make sure that the marriage is managed successfully. For example, a prenup could say that both partners will put 10 percent of their incomes each month into a shared account, and that both partners can make purchases from that account with debit cards for an agreed-to set of shared expenses, like household supplies, groceries, utilities, and of course, the Hallmark Channel subscription.

Source:, "Prenuptial Agreements: Beyond the Necessary Evil," Keith Michaelson, Don Opatrny and Mark Haranzo, Feb. 07, 2018

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