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Be constructive when making summer parenting arrangements

When St. Clair Shores, Michigan, parents of young children separate, they need to make parenting arrangements for those young children. That takes the form of a child custody agreement. Sometimes, the parents are insufficiently mature to come to an arrangement that gives them both ample parenting time in the best interests of the children, who love and need both of their parents. Other times, however, the parents are able to conduct themselves responsibly and put together good arrangements for the sake of their daughters and sons.

One aspect of a good parenting arrangement involves determining where the children will be during the summer. It is a unique time of year, when the children are not in school, and therefore, don't need to be near their school. Correspondingly, the door is open to a lot of possibilities. For example, the children may spend the entire summer with the parent they spend less time with during the school year. On the other hand, if the parents share custody pretty equally during the school year, they may want to do it in the summer as well.

That takes a lot of communication. To make that communication effective, the parents need to be objective and focus on ensuring that the children get happy summers full of worthwhile experiences. That requires acknowledging that the other parent is capable of providing those things, despite interpersonal issues between them.

It also takes understanding your children's feelings. Make sure they know in advance what their schedules will be, and that they can always call the parent they're not with at any given point for the emotional reassurance they need. Let them take favorite items from your home so they can have a greater sense of familiarity when in the other parent's home. By taking those steps, you can help your daughters and sons have a great summer and feel confident that both parents care about them.

Source: FindLaw, "Child Custody Over the Summer: Dos and Don'ts," Betty Wang, accessed March 22, 2018

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