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4 ways the marijuana ban is similar to Prohibition

Right now, recreational marijuana use is still illegal in Michigan. As you may know, voters will have the chance to legalize it in November, but they have not done so yet.

It is interesting to look at the marijuana ban through the lens of alcohol prohibition. After all, Prohibition is now considered a failure. As more states legalize marijuana, there are four key similarities to think about:

1. Prohibition did not work

People still got alcohol during Prohibition, just like they do with marijuana today. Use may have been less widespread, but it still happened.

2. Prohibition cost money

It was not cheap to try to stop people from using alcohol. The government spent a lot of money hunting it down. Today, they spend an incredible amount arresting, prosecuting and jailing people on marijuana-related charges.

3. Prohibition increased organized crime.

Famous individuals like Al Capone used Prohibition to become incredibly wealthy and powerful by selling illegal alcohol. Today, the trafficking of marijuana leads to a high amount of crime that may be lessened or eliminated if it was simply legal.

4. Prohibition cost tax money.

States that have legalized marijuana put a tax on it, just like they do with alcohol. During Prohibition, the government lost out on a notable amount of tax revenue, which is exactly what states are doing now by not legalizing and taxing marijuana.

As you can see, the impact is largely the same on these four levels. This is leading to legal changes, and it will be incredibly important for those in Michigan to keep an eye on how their rights may be changing in the future.

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