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August 2018 Archives

Relationship issues that only tend to get worse

When you identify relationship issues early on in your time as a couple, you may assume they'll only get better. Some couples even get married, figuring they'll work things out as they go. Unfortunately, the reality is that some issues only tend to get worse, and they can lead to divorce. A few examples include:

Car accidents take more teen lives than any other cause

If you're 18 or older, you have made it out of what some experts call "the most dangerous two years of your life." These happen at ages 16 and 17. One researcher says that, among those who die unexpectedly before their time, the odds are highest that it happens during those two years.

Vacation time typically trumps child custody schedules

When figuring out your child custody plan during a divorce, one thing you need to consider is the role of vacation time. This does not necessarily mean time that you want to take the kids on vacation -- you may need to clear that with your ex -- but time that the children themselves get scheduled breaks from school.

Parenting schedules may need to change as children grow up

Parents often make schedules when they get divorced, basing them on the children's needs at that current age. It is important for them to realize that these needs may change over time. Even if the parents feel like essentially the same people 10 years in the future, their children may feel like very different people indeed.

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