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December 2018 Archives

Patterns of endangerment may affect child custody

The rights and responsibilities of parenthood are some of the most intense and important experiences in adult life. It is not surprising that they are also the most contentious parts of divorce, separation or altercations between spouses. Unfortunately, this also means that children end up paying for the fights that happen between parents.

Winter weather makes Michigan roads more hazardous

There are many causes of car accidents in Michigan. Fortunately, the Wolverine State is not a national leader in traffic injuries or deaths, but that does little to comfort someone who was in a crash. Some of the most common factors in car accidents can help conscientious drivers avoid the worst scenarios.

Online divorce filing gains traction in Michigan

The institution of marriage has changed a little over the centuries, but not as much as the implications and methods of divorce. As the rate of marriages ending before death rose above half in the United States, more types of people could file for divorce and expect to rebuild their lives afterward. In some jurisdictions, it is getting even easier.

When is a death not considered wrongful in Michigan?

It is hard to imagine being in a situation in which you have to hurt or kill someone to survive. It is often unbelievable even when it has happened. If a person must use deadly force for their own sakes or the sakes of others nearby, that person should not have to suffer under the weight of the law.

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