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Driver injured in apparent hit-and-run in Detroit

Accidents happen all the time in Michigan and around the nation. Although some counties can blame animals like deer as a greatest cause of damage to vehicles in collisions, Detroit’s hazards are more often man-made. One of the biggest factors in motor vehicle accidents is the influence of drugs or alcohol, the usage of which creates a state of mind that does not bode well for driving.

The driver of a taxi van was seriously injured in a Detroit car accident involving another driver who was possibly under the influence of alcohol. The hit-and-run collision happened between a botched traffic stop and the apprehension of the suspect for charges that included leaving the scene of an accident causing injury.

Footage from a police cruiser showed the suspect’s car failing to halt at a stop sign before the driver was pulled over. The officer recorded this driver behaving uncooperatively by revving his engine. When the officer asked him to get out of the car for sobriety tests, he instead sped off out of sight.

The police cruiser pursued until they found it too dangerous to continue. The driver was found after apparently colliding with the taxi van and running away from the scene. He was charged with several crimes, including obstruction and eluding police.

Victims of car accidents in which another person was at fault, either through negligence or malicious behavior, have the right to claim financial damages that can help guide the victims and their families through recovery. An attorney may be the best ally for people dealing with the consequences of collisions.

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