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How to approach heavy highway traffic

When driving on the highway, you expect traffic to move at a high rate of speed. However, there are times when this doesn't happen, such as during rush hour or if there is construction on the road.

There are many steps you can take to safely approach heavy highway traffic, including:

  • Keeping your eyes on the road ahead: It's critical to identify a slow down before you're too close, as doing so allows you to prevent a rear-end accident. Keeping your eyes on the road ahead allows you to make the necessary adjustments before it's too late.
  • Staying in your lane: As traffic slows, you immediately look for a way to make up time. And there's no better option, at least at first thought, than finding the fast lane. Lane changing can increase the risk of an accident, so stay where you are.
  • Exiting the highway: If you don't like what you see, exit the highway and seek an alternative route to your destination. It may slow you down, but it's better than remaining in a situation that makes you uncomfortable.

As you cautiously approach heavy highway traffic, don't be surprised if other drivers are zooming around and not paying much attention to what's happening. These people are taking a big risk, as their driving style has a greater chance of causing a crash.

If you're injured in a highway traffic accident, move to the shoulder of the road, assess the situation and only do what you feel is safe. By calling 911, you'll immediately feel better, even if you still require medical treatment.

After you're stabilized, contact your insurance company and look into the steps you can take to seek compensation for all the damages related to the crash.

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