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Car Accidents Archives

Truck accident in Oakland County may have involved lack of sleep

Michigan is home to plenty of equestrians, bicyclists and even dog sledders, but there is no more popular way to get around than by motor vehicle. The Wolverine State was also instrumental in the development of cars and trucks, giving Detroit and other cities a sense of extra pride for their rides.

Driver injured in apparent hit-and-run in Detroit

Accidents happen all the time in Michigan and around the nation. Although some counties can blame animals like deer as a greatest cause of damage to vehicles in collisions, Detroit's hazards are more often man-made. One of the biggest factors in motor vehicle accidents is the influence of drugs or alcohol, the usage of which creates a state of mind that does not bode well for driving.

Grand Rapids woman injured in car-moped accident

From the initial thump of a collision to the insurance bill the next month, car accidents are a serious headache that can do a lot more than just inconvenience a few drivers. People can suffer severe injury or even die in some accidents, and the risk is higher for unprotected drivers like motorcyclists and moped riders.

Truck crash claims the life of a Detroit driver on I-94

Car accidents are rare throughout most of the year in Michigan, but winter weather often increases the risk of a collision. Several ice-, snow- or animal-related accidents are easily handled with an insurance claim and a possible report to law enforcement, but any collision of two vehicles requires a greater response and often medical attention.

Winter conditions often bring car crash season to Michigan

Michigan is no stranger to harsh winter weather. Any state that often mandates doors built into the roofs of rural houses is ready for some wet snow to stack up. But the confidence of drivers in the Wolverine State can sometimes be a little too high, as there are often a lot of drivers on the roads even in terrible conditions.

Detroit collision happens after driver is distracted by accident

Some scientists say multitasking is a myth, and you can only do one thing at a time. Whether or not this is true, Michigan law makes it more than a good idea to only do one thing at a time when you are behind the wheel. Some people like to eat or text while they are driving, but this can be more than inconvenient.

Winter weather makes Michigan roads more hazardous

There are many causes of car accidents in Michigan. Fortunately, the Wolverine State is not a national leader in traffic injuries or deaths, but that does little to comfort someone who was in a crash. Some of the most common factors in car accidents can help conscientious drivers avoid the worst scenarios.

Teacher killed in Michigan interstate accident

Michigan is home to some of the United States' best road trips. Positioned at the crossroads of the American Midwest and eastern Canada, many interstate highways and smaller roads cross the two parts of the Wolverine State. Unfortunately, some drives can have serious consequences for many more than the occupants of one vehicle.

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