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Child Custody Archives

Michigan cracks down on failure to pay child support

Michigan's top law enforcement agency recently sharpened their efforts to keep parents accountable for taking care of their children. Failure to pay court-ordered child support or alimony can land a person in jail, which happened to more than 60 people across the Wolverine State over a single day in September 2018.

Could a parent lose child custody because of a low IQ?

Most people might believe their ex-spouses and the parents of their children are unintelligent, but what if the other parent has a severe cognitive impairment? For example, what if a parent has suffered brain damage, is mentally incapacitated or has a medical condition that has led to mental problems? Is it possible that a Michigan court could rule that the parent is unfit to care for his or her child?

Vacation time typically trumps child custody schedules

When figuring out your child custody plan during a divorce, one thing you need to consider is the role of vacation time. This does not necessarily mean time that you want to take the kids on vacation -- you may need to clear that with your ex -- but time that the children themselves get scheduled breaks from school.

Parenting schedules may need to change as children grow up

Parents often make schedules when they get divorced, basing them on the children's needs at that current age. It is important for them to realize that these needs may change over time. Even if the parents feel like essentially the same people 10 years in the future, their children may feel like very different people indeed.

How parents make joint custody the worst option for their kids

You have probably heard people say that joint physical custody is best for the kids. They still get to see both parents. The parents share the responsibilities and also get time off. For the kids, it's the closest thing to still living in a home with two married parents.

Making changes to fit with your child custody schedule

When most parents sit down to figure out a child custody schedule during divorce, they try to fit that schedule into their own daily lives. This can be hard when they have work and many other obligations. It can lead to disagreements when parents do not see eye-to-eye on how time should be spent.

How are the best interests of the children determined?

There are many parents in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, who no longer live with the other parent of their children. However, living away from their former partner does not mean that they want to live away from their children, with whom they want to maintain a positive ongoing relationship.

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