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Child Custody Archives

How parents make joint custody the worst option for their kids

You have probably heard people say that joint physical custody is best for the kids. They still get to see both parents. The parents share the responsibilities and also get time off. For the kids, it's the closest thing to still living in a home with two married parents.

Making changes to fit with your child custody schedule

When most parents sit down to figure out a child custody schedule during divorce, they try to fit that schedule into their own daily lives. This can be hard when they have work and many other obligations. It can lead to disagreements when parents do not see eye-to-eye on how time should be spent.

How are the best interests of the children determined?

There are many parents in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, who no longer live with the other parent of their children. However, living away from their former partner does not mean that they want to live away from their children, with whom they want to maintain a positive ongoing relationship.

Be constructive when making summer parenting arrangements

When St. Clair Shores, Michigan, parents of young children separate, they need to make parenting arrangements for those young children. That takes the form of a child custody agreement. Sometimes, the parents are insufficiently mature to come to an arrangement that gives them both ample parenting time in the best interests of the children, who love and need both of their parents. Other times, however, the parents are able to conduct themselves responsibly and put together good arrangements for the sake of their daughters and sons.

What is the Friend of the Court?

Fathers and mothers in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, love their children, and want to spend as much time with them as possible. Doing so is the most fundamental right of parenthood, and is critical for the healthy emotional development of their daughters and sons through infancy, childhood and adolescence.

Parenting after a breakup is challenging for many

In the modern world, including in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, the warm theory of "until death do they part" is replaced for many couples by the cold practice of "until divorce do they part". That fact leaves many couples, whose former fondness for each other has become the most distant of memories, needing to settle a range of issues. Though the division of money is the issue that gets the most attention, the one that goes straight to the heart is child custody. It affects the lives of mothers and fathers who are in the process of getting divorced, already divorced or never married. Of course, most of all, it affects the lives of children who love both of their parents and don't want to lose either of them.

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