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Criminal Defense Archives

Conviction reversed based on self-defense argument

Some alleged crimes are incidents with a better explanation than first meets the eye. This is why the criminal justice system is based on two sides representing different views of events. At times, legal decisions are shown to be wrong and the wrong people will have paid the price.

Found wallet results in charges for 2 people from Michigan

The difference between suspicions and criminal charges is a prosecutor's confidence that he or she can make a case. This may be in front of a jury or a judge, but a judge will decide the most vital part of the case. The evidence that may be considered is what spells the difference between a conviction and an acquittal or dropped charges.

Michigan tries to make good over improper convictions

The criminal justice system is there to protect society from the ills of crime by punishing the offenders. Although this works well on paper, there are several victims of the attempts to correct problems by aggressively prosecuting people who may not be guilty. This is why the presumption of guilt is a very important part of the system.

Michigan opens new statewide Conviction Integrity Unit

Criminal defense can be a difficult business. Everyone accused of a crime by prosecutors in the United States is allowed legal representation as part of their defense. This is a very important right, especially in jurisdictions with histories of aggressive prosecution. Sometimes, a lawyer is the last line of defense for a career and a life.

Changes in Michigan drug laws bring old convictions into doubt

It is impossible to deny that the tide of national sentiment towards marijuana is changing. Several states have loosened restrictions on the psychoactive plant for medicinal and recreational use. Michigan is one of the states that is reassessing its legal approach to the drug, looking forward as well as looking back.

Michigan institution implements new criminal charge policy

Criminal charges are designed to rectify a social wrong; if a person commits a crime that damages society, fines or time in prison or jail eliminate the debt that person holds to citizens. But there are consequences for convicted people beyond the time spent fulfilling this debt. Many people never recover from the social and economic damage that a conviction confers.

Michigan woman acquitted on firearm charge

If someone feels the need to use force to end a bad situation, that person may find herself facing criminal charges regarding the type of force she used. Some prosecutors or judges may have charges dropped if it is clear a person acted in self-defense, but anyone accused of a crime should consider legal representation.

What does legalized marijuana do to DUI laws in Michigan?

It's easy to find out what the legal limit for alcohol is before you drive. Most states have set measures for driving under the influence of alcohol; it's .08 in Michigan. The influence of drugs on driving, however, can often be more confusing for drivers and law enforcement officers alike.

When is a death not considered wrongful in Michigan?

It is hard to imagine being in a situation in which you have to hurt or kill someone to survive. It is often unbelievable even when it has happened. If a person must use deadly force for their own sakes or the sakes of others nearby, that person should not have to suffer under the weight of the law.

Michigan crime tip unit celebrates its crime-solving contribution

From the streets of Detroit to the highways of the Upper Peninsula, suspected criminal activity happens every day in Michigan. Citizens work with police and federal agents to keep their parts of the state safe, but a desire for higher security can lead too far if a person is accused or, worse, convicted of a crime.

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