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Michigan divorce means split of lottery fortune

Divorce can be a nasty emotional scar, even when partners have more or less agreed they have had enough. The worst effect of the end of a marriage often is visited on the children, who now have to adapt to a new life with scheduled time between homes. If a couple has no children, the aspect that is most difficult is a fair split of assets and finances.

Michigan deals with the role of the state in marriage

Marriage is one of the most ancient institutions in the human experience. Nearly all cultures accepted that people can choose to bond to each other for the purposes of creating a family and home in all of recorded history. The traditional officiant of these marriages has been the church, but the state has stepped in over the last decades.

Some are considering divorce for financial reasons

Although love and devotion are the roots of the impulse to marry, the act of joining two people in matrimony is a contract with legal implications. There are a variety of reasons that married people may have had enough of the institution or their partners in it, and some of them don't have anything to do with problems in the relationship.

What is equitable distribution in a Michigan divorce?

If married people in Michigan are looking to divorce, they are probably in some agreement on why but may not be so much in sync on how. For many divorcing couples, their life savings and any other assets they have are wrapped up in their legal status, so divorce becomes more than emotional independence.

Michigan's divorce capital identified in recent study

A study of divorced residents in each major U.S. city based on census data yielded specific results by specific areas. The study identified Ishpeming, a city in Marquette County near the shores of Lake Huron, as the "divorce capital" of Michigan. More than 20 percent of the marriage-age adults in the municipality were divorced at the time of the study.

Experts disagree on the value of prenuptial agreements

No one starts the process of getting married with much of a thought to the process of getting divorced. But divorce is always likely enough to consider because the consequences of ignoring it are grave. Some lawyers recommend a prenuptial agreement to help guide expectations in that case, although some also have reservations about recommending it.

How do I keep calm during a divorce process?

Maybe something big happened at once, or maybe it feels like it's been happening for years. Either way, it's hard to see the future when you're going through a separation. The lawyers may already be hashing out who gets the house and where the kids will live, but even if a lot of the work falls on you, you owe it to yourself to stay calm and keep control of your life.

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